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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your rebuilt transmissions and torque converters have a warranty?
Yes, most of our common rebuilt transmission and torque converters include a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Read our complete warranty here.

How do I remove and install the transmission and torque converter?
We recommend that you follow all procedures given in the manufacturer’s service manual for removal and installation of your rebuilt components. All safety procedures should be carefully followed. Proper linkage adjustments are also outlined in the service manual.

What type of oil should I use in my rebuilt component?
We recommend that you follow all manufacturer guidelines for lubricants used in your machine. All multi-grade oils should not be used in your transmission and torque converter.

How do I know if I need to replace my transmission and torque converter?
Call us before you remove your transmission or torque converter so we can help you diagnose your machine’s particular problem. The presence of debris and contaminants in the filters and magnetic screens is also an indicator of failure. For more on ways to troubleshoot your machine, click here.

Is my old transmission or torque converter core acceptable? What are your core requirements?
We accept all old transmission or torque converters in “as is” condition, as long as it’s the same model as the new transmission or torque converter. It must be a complete unit with no parts missing.

Who pays for the shipping of return cores?
It’s the responsibility of the purchaser to pay the freight charges for the returned core. We work hard to provide excellent freight rates for customers through our discounts (up to 75 percent off) with all major freight carriers. We also provide hot shot delivery options for rush shipments. Freight rates are quoted with each pricing request.

Should I clean the oil system upon installation of the rebuilt transmission or torque converter?
All components of common oil systems should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected upon replacement of rebuilt transmission, including pump and lines, torque converter, oil reservoir and oil cooler, to remove all contaminants, dirt and debris.  

If I buy and install a rebuilt component and it does not immediately operate, what should I do?
Call us immediately after experiencing a problem following installation or anytime you have a problem. There are many minor things that we can help you check to determine why the machine won’t operate.